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We offer body and surface piercing! Contact us today for current specials and offers.

Body Piercing - Price List

Body piercing for all ages.
Price list includes top quality jewelry and aftercare kit.

Price varies based on jewejlry chosen

Daith Piercing
Daith for Migraines
$75-$100 each
$150 each

Eye Brow $65-85 with a ring. $75-85 with stainless barbell

Nose $65-85 with a ring. $80-95 with a stud

Septum $85 with a cicular barbell

Bridge $75

Industrial $80 - 95  

Earlone, tragus, helix, snug, antitragus         $65 - 85 with a ring. $75 with a stud each

Conch, rook $70 with a ring. $75 with a stud each.

Orbit $75 with a stud each

Tongue, cheek, labret  $75 each

Lip $65-85 with a ring. $75 with a stud

Belly Button $75 with stainless steel ball. $95 with double gems

Surface Piercing $80 with a skin diver. $100 with a dermal anchor each

Adult Piercing t Discussed in private 

Aftercare Kit $10

Specialized in all private areas piercing for both men & women Please call business for pricing
All piercing include piercing fee, top quality jewelry, tax on jewelry and aftercare kit to All prices include piercing fee, Jewelry cost, tax on jewelry and aftercare kit.
Body piercing is not regulated by the department of health and no training or license required to practice.
All piercing done by trained & certified registered nurse with clean sterile needle (NO GUN!!)
Gift Certificates Available
All procedures done by Registered Nurses in safe, clean, sterile rooms.
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