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Pleasure meeting you as well! I am so happy with how the piercings turned out! Thank you so much for turning around my dermal experience into a very positive one - I will be referring all of my friends.

I can't wait to get some more dermals as well. :) I will see you on Tuesday and have a lovely holiday weekend.




Thank you!

You did an excellent job and it is looking very good healing. Maria is very happy with it. Unfortunately, each time you called to check up, she was at work and could not answer – but she appreciates the follow up. Any work we have done in the future, or anyone we know wanting work will be sent directly to you.



Hi Wael!

Thank You Wael! My nose looks great - everyone loves it! I will be in soon to have another piercing in my ear!!! You are so professional - I
have recommended you to everyone. One of the nurses that work with Tracy and I should have called you today re: her daughters ear!
Unfortunely, she got her little girls ears peirced with a gun and now may be infected!

Keep up the good work! People like you make us nurses look good!!!



Hi Wael!

I just wanted to thank you again for the tragus piercing you did for me yesterday. I was very happy with your excellent customer service and the throughness in your work! I will definelty be referring all my friends to your shop and I will be back in the future for another piercing (maybe even the belly button. lol) Thank you again!

Lisa Fernandes


Hi Wael!

I just wanted to thank you again for helping Riley Grace. I can't tell you how relieved and grateful we both are after you helped her Friday evening. We can already see much improvement from the last time. In fact when Riley showered today, the towel got caught on the star but it didn't even hurt; probably because it is already healing this time. This time there is no bump at all.
We are thankful there is someone like you and your wife operating a class act business in an industry that needs it. It is obvious to us how much you care by seeing the effort you make to make piercing as safe as possible, particularly with the follow up care you provide. People merely in the business of making money would not have cared (or had the ability or knowledge to deal with) Riley's complications. You made us feel more like friends than just customers.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Wendy and Riley Grace


Subject: Thank you

Hi Victoria!
It was nice to see you again and thank you for bringing Erica and Samantha to me. Your skin diver piercing came out perfect (see picture). Please take the time to educate family and friends on the importance of safe body piercing and quality jewelry. Thank you for your business, trust & support and please don't hesitate to call me with any questions and concerns. I wish you a wonderful eveing and hope to see you again and tell Elizabeth to come and see me to fix her piercing.


and their response...

Thank you so much Wael!

We are all so happy with our new piercings and jewelry, the girls couldn't stop talking about you and your shop and how happy they were that I brought them to you specifically. I wouldn't be surprised if you were to get a few more clients because Erica and Samantha are telling all their friends about you. They were very impressed by your vast knowledge of safe piercing and that you are a medical professional (as was I when I first heard about you, met you, and saw your work). I think this puts people at ease and they trust you now more than they would ever trust another piercing shop. I will be sure to tell Liz to stop in soon and I will be seeing you again soon as well. Samantha wants two skin divers now, she already made up her mind!

Thank you so much again, I absolutely LOVE my skin diver!




Jessica is very happy with her nose ring and so Brit with her belly button ring, it is healing very nicely and my ear is fine too. Thank you for doing a wonderful job on us!!

Yolanda & Family


oops i did get them... thank you sooo much.. i liked getting my piercings done there... i felt so welcome and if i have any further work i will continue to go there...


Dearest Wael,
I can't begin to thank you enough for my nose piercing!  I was just about to give up because of the horrible infection I got from a bad piercing using poor jewlery.  I  had no idea that all the dreadful "bumps" for 6 months had nothing to do with my care for the piercing and everything to do with the piercer.  
After getting re-pierced by you in January I'm very happy to report my piercing looks and feels great!!!  It's only been a few weeks and I'm very happy.  I didn't know it was done wrong the 1st time until it was done right.  What a difference!!!
So many people have made comments on how they like my piercing and I immediately give them your card.  My advice to everyone is to get it done right the first time!!! 
My friend Bridget is also very happy with her nose piercing!  You were her 4th attempt and she's glad she gave it another try.

Thanks so much. it looks great and so far no pain. when I worked out today I got sweat in it and it burned a little. I took a shower and cleaned it good. its all good now. Thanks again for helping me feel comfortable and educating me in proper care. Thank you I wish you and your wife a Happy Valentine's. 
Mrs. Lavonda Huffine


Wael and Terri
It was such a joy to have met you both. I believe things happen the way you do for a reason. I know this was not the last time we would meet. The service you provided was extraordinary! you are such kind and caring people. The piercings do not look fresh at all. We will definitely get the word out. If it was not done with you, it should not be done at all. We wish you great success now and always. Be blessed!!

The Cole family


Hi Wael & Terri!!!

Thank you so much for your wonderful job on my daughter, Cassie Bonnie (my sister-in-law) and I, as you know, were and are still very impressed by the reception you gave us as soon as we entered your establishment. You were thorough in your service and we felt so welcome and assured that you were going to do the best job for our money. You educated us and touched us by your sincerity in willing to do help us in making the right choice and decision this time around.

God bless you guys and we will pray for you and for the work that you do so that it will flourish and wish you the best and success in the future of your business. My daughter and I will definitely "Pay it forward" and will tell everyone we know about your excellent service. No doubt that if Bonnie do decide to get her nose pierce, she will be coming here to San Diego to have your service done exclusively!!!

Although, I made sure I went ahead and purchased the jewelry of my daughter's choice, she already asked if she ever decided to ever change it (as long as SHE paid for it!) ...should she only come to you to purchase the extra jewelry.... well, I asked and told her, " would you go anywhere else after the time and service Wael and Terri invested on you?" She felt stupid having to even ask that question.

Again, we just can't thank you enough...we are so grateful for being blessed to have come to you. We regret to even not listen to you the "first time"!

Cathie Cruz


Dear Terri and Wael -

Thank you for sending me a copy of the picture you took after I got my nose pierced. I could not have asked for a more wonderful piercing experience than the one I had with you today! Aside from being very thorough with explaining the procedure and aftercare, you were very sweet to my daughter. When it comes time to have her ears pierced, I would be glad to have you do it!! :-) I will definitely recommend you to my friends who are interested in having any cosmetic and / or piercing procedure done.

Thank you again for the fantastic experience!!

Kiri Nevin


hi wael!!

i just wanted to let you know everything is healing great- my ear hurts a little but that's natural. i am comparing my belly button piercing to when i first got it done on the bottom with the bad jewelry- it doesn't hurt at all and it's not swollen or pussy at all! the jewelry does make a difference. everything is healing great! my stretched ears are a little soar but i'm cleaning them every day. thanks so much! see you soon!



Hey Wael!

Thank you again for being so informative and professional about the piercing, you made my family and me very comfortable and safe during the procedure. I haven't been touching the piercing. When it itches, I can hear you in my head saying, "don't touch the piercing with your hands, fingers are filthy." So, I am glad you drilled that concept into my head because no one likes infections that could have been prevented. Well, thank you again. Have a good day and hope to see you around August.


Hi Wael

Word of mouth is the best advertising you can have. I am so happy with my piercing. Doing the cleaning twice a day is keeping the soreness down and so far I have no problems. In the future when I want more piercing done you know I will be there. Thanks again Wael. You made me feel very comfortable.


Thank you very much for the picture and for doing such a wonderful job on the piercing! So far everything is great...no pain, no bleeding, nothing. I definitely recommend you to all of my friends and family and spread the word for potential customers.

Thanks again! Simona

Body art salon,

Thank you very much for taking the time to e-mail me my picture. Having my navel pierced in your facility was the best option ever! Your staff and facility is highly professional. I will post this picture and your website as well as the contact number on my page on 'myspace.'

Thank you very much...have a wonderful day!


Dear Wael,

I wanted to thank you for your care, compassion and professionalism. As you know my daughter Shannon, her friend Jamie and her exchange student Cassy came to you, after searching the web for over an hour! I first have to say that you are one of the kindest men I have ever met.

Walking into your office, it was obvious that a hospital setting was firmly in place. The clean, sterile environment was instantly reassuring.
Your warm and caring personality then put me at ease immediately as a mom. The time you spent in explaining jewelry, sterilization and after care told me that you were more concerned with the quality of care in doing piercing, not quantity of bodies to push through.
Your sterilization method from glove changing to "keeping the sharpie" convinced me further and ultimately that no one should go to any other place than your office for any kind of piercing.

Your personal phone call the next day to check on the girls made it clear that you go the extra mile to ensure quality care.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this experience one that the girls and I will always remember with great fondness.
It is my hope that your business gets great recognition for your high standards and warm, heartfelt care in all that you do.

Rosa Munsey


Hey Terri and Wael,
Thank you so much for the follow up email with the picture. I have told all of my friends about you guys, and the safety precautions you guys go through to make sure it is a successful process. I am planning to get my tongue done also, next week some time, so I will definitely be giving you guys a call. Again thank you soo soo much and I cannot wait to do business with you guys again.



Thank you soo much for everything! I absolutely love my new piercings, and so far so good! I'm definitely making sure to hand out your business cards to all of my friends!

Talk to you soon,

Thanks again.  I couldn't have asked for a better experience for my first piercing.  You all were sweet even though I was a last minute walk in, explained everything in detail and I really appreciate it.  My 76 year old mom loves my piercing and said it was "perfect and adorable".

Thanks again,

Paula Diamond & family


Thank you so much! You did a wonderful job and it looks great.  I will most definitely be coming back!


Hi Guys,

Thanks for taking good care of me and thanks for the picture. I will be back.

Have a great weekend and See ya soon.





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