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We offer body and surface piercing! Contact us today for current specials and offers.

Body Piercing - Price List
Body piercing for all ages.
Price list includes top quality jewelry and aftercare kit.
Eye brow piercing $59 with ring
$70.88 with stainleess steel barbell
$80.60 with double gem barbell

Nose piercing $61.16 with gem stud
$59 with ring

Industrial piercing $80.60

Tragus / cartilage / ear lobe piercing $59 with ring (each)
$77.36 with gem labret (each)

Tongue / labret piercing / snake bites $70.88 (each)

Lip piercing $59 with ring
$77.36 with gem labret

Navel piercing $70.88 stainless steel curved barbell
$96.80 double gem curved barbell

Surface piercing neck / back/ arm/ hip ... $80.60 (each)

Adult piercing CALL FOR PRICING

Stretching $15 each

Jewelry placement $10 each

Specialized in all private areas piercing for both men & women Please call business for pricing
All piercing include piercing fee, top quality jewelry, tax on jewelry and aftercare kit
We use top quality surgically implantable stainless steel, 14 & 18 k gold nickel free for fast healing with safety & health as #1 priority.
Body piercing is not regulated by the department of health and no training or license required to practice.
All piercing done by trained & certified registered nurse with clean sterile needle (NO GUN!!)
Gift Certificates Available
All procedures done by Registered Nurses in safe, clean, sterile rooms.
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